Sophistry 06

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7.5%
Country: United States
Content: 473ml
We started with a rich base of Golden Promise malt along with a heaping helping of wheat and oats to give this IPA a luscious mouthfeel. We hit our custom whirlpool with piles of Citra, Sultana, Lotus, and experimental #07270 hops along with some bright Lemon Peel for a massive hit of Citrus, Tropical Fruits, Tangerine, and Orange flavors. We followed all that up with a big dry hop of Citra, Sabro, and Lemondrop hops to really push the refreshing citrus and bright fruit flavors just in time for Summer fun! Malts: Pale Ale, Golden Promise, Wheat, Oats Hops: Citra, Exp. 07270, Lotus, Sabro, Sultana, Lemondrop Other: Lemon Peel
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