EVENTS - Why choose Hoppylicious?

Tailor Made
We typically offer tailor made services and beers suiting your event. From big to small, corporate or private events such as weddings, we have what you need.
Types Of Event Solutions
We can organize discovery workshops in order to slowly introduce your guests to the world of craft beers. These are based on a rotation principle where smaller groups can subscribe and they last around 30 minutes. After completion people will have a basic understanding of craft beers and of the various styles presented.

Alternatively we can also supply your guests with the beers of your choice on Draft during your event.
How We Work
It is necessary to contact us at least 3-4 weeks in advance to arrange all the details, especially for larger events requiring fresh beers on draft.
As we typically offer tailor made solutions for your events, we start by discussing the specific needs of your event.

After that we will come up with a solution specifically designed for you.
Contact Us
by mail:
by phone during opening hours: +352 287 96007