HORECA - Why choose Hoppylicious?

High Quality Craft Beers From Various Styles
Our beer selection is designed to please everyone, from those new to craft beer to the most avid beer conoisseur.
Maintaining The Cold Chain
In addition to our exclusive beer selection, we take care that all our beers reach the customer in perfect condition.
Therefore, we typically establish a cold chain from the brewery to our store.

In other words, our beers are transported from the brewery's cold storage onto refrigerated trucks until they reach our cooling cell.
How We Work
We typically work on a pre-order basis, especially for hoppy beers as their shelf life is very limited.

We usually receive new beers every two weeks, allowing you to have a constant rotation of beers in your venue.

In contrast to businesses who want to sell you as much as possible, we give you advice on quantities to order, with the objective to minimize your selling time.
Contact Us
by mail: ffontaine@hoppylicious.lu
by phone during opening hours: +352 287 96007